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In response to: Nvision 2008 Day 2 and 3

Jake [Visitor]
Hi there, I'd just like to take this time to tell you personally how much I loved reading your blog. I believe that everyone would benefit from reading this as it has a slew of wonderful information and knowledge that could be gained in reading your post. So, I'd just like to tell you thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write this valuable post as I'm certain that I am not the only one that gained a great deal of information out of reading this. I will be checking back on this blog periodically to check and see if you've written more great posts, as I'm sure a lot of other people will be too. Take care, can't wait to see what else you post!
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In response to: Lunch with CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon

chris langeman [Visitor]
Having been a fan for fifty year ,I can now only watchthe game on t.v.So i feel realy insulted to watch Hamelton team with no names on there jersies,Its not like everybody should no there name by there number the way they change players.Any way you could lok into this would be much appretiated Chris
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In response to: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

digital cameras [Visitor]
Don't you think that they could be narrowing their audience a tad bit by offending the brunettes? Not the greatest title for a tour in my opinion.
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In response to: I throw some sheep and meet Tara Hunt

tara hunt [Visitor]
A lucky string of events for me! Great meeting you! It was definitely fun throwing sheep with you, too! :)
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In response to: My brush with the famous, I Tweetup with Levar Burton

Jakob [Visitor]
Awesome. We were there too. It?s neat reading everone?s takes on the night. Here?s our podcast concerning the evening (somewhat NSFW):
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In response to: Nvision 2008 Day 1

shaks [Visitor]
i so wanted to be there
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